Neu: EtherCAT Safety with BBH  
BBH Products is a leader in the field of safe drive monitoring and deterministic, fast safety processes and offers extensive safety functions for drive monitoring and signal processing. With the FSoE master modules from BBH Products, the existing EtherCAT master stack from Sybera becomes an FSOE master.
  OXNI GmbH takes over the distribution in Switzerland  
OXNI offers solutions in drive technology. Highly efficient, precisely synchronized machines ensure quality in all industries, efficiency and maximum throughput. These machines are the result of well thought-out drive technology and tailor-made automation processes. This makes OXNI GmbH the competent partner for the sale of SYBERA products in Switzerland, especially for the fieldbus systems EtherCAT, ProfiNET and Ethernet/IP.
  New: ProfiNET Stack becomes IRT-capable  
Sybera makes the leap to ProfiNET-IRT for the first time. Compared to ProfiNET-RT, a quantum leap in protocol processing. This is made possible by using the Intel I210 Ethernet adapter with its own, high-precision clock as a PTCP reference. The implementation of ProfiNET-IRT takes place in several steps. First the ProfiNET Master Stack is made IRT-capable, then the Device Stack.
  New: FieldboxCAM  
The FieldboxCAM Camera System from SPECTRA / SYBERA offers a modular principle for image processing and fieldbus connection. The Basler camera acA1440-73gm is used for image acquisition. The image acquisition / processing is carried out on a Spectra industrial PC. The OpenCV or SIMD are used for this. The GPIO triggering serves as standard for the further connection. In addition, the fieldbus connection can optionally be made with ProfiNET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP.
  New: HMI-DesignBox  
Design your HMI in a few simple steps. The HMI-DesignBox allows the design of photo-realistic surfaces with simple data connection to fieldbus systems. The design of the HMI design is done without programming.
    Separated Driver Context  
Shared memory areas for real-time operation can influence each other. In particular when operating multiple real-time CPU cores, complex cache situations often arise due to shared code areas in the memory. The solution is to separate the Ethernet driver context by duplicating the driver itself. A second INF file with a second Ethernet driver is therefore required for the installation. To ensure that the driver interface is also different, the link name must be unique for each driver.
  EtherCAT PLC Service  
Sybera now offers a PLC utility for EtherCAT that contains a generic real-time code, is installed as a service and runs in the background. This PLC service works as an EtherCAT master and independently allocates a global data pool with which data is exchanged cyclically. A user application can connect to this data pool via a simple interface and also exchange data.
    No Admin rights required  
Administrator rights are no longer required to operate the new real-time libraries. The applications created with the libraries now run with normal user rights. However, the installation of the Sybera real-time libraries requires administrator rights.
  Realtime Silent Mode  
Sybera's latest coup is called "Realtime Silent Mode" and for the first time offers a jitter reduction down to less than 5 μsec. The problem of jitter behavior in the interaction of Windows and real-time is mainly due to the necessary bus synchronization between the processors. For example, jitter deviations of more than 100 μsec are still achieved on some PCs despite the most complex platform control. With the new Realtime Silent Mode, Windows will now programmatically sleep and wake up again. This allows for the first time a stable real-time behavior below 5 microseconds.
  The easy way to EtherCAT  
Together with our partner Spectra GmbH & Co. KG, we have launched the EtherCAT Xperience kit from Sybera. It offers fast and easy access, especially for newcomers to the fieldbus topic - and that for small budget!
All from one hand  
Spectra and Sybera conclude cooperation on real-time automation. The appropriate computer platform with the pre-installed Sybera software gets the customer from Spectra one-stop shopping. This ensures that there are no incompatibilities between hardware and software, as well as problems with real-time performance. Together Spectra and Sybera create an optimal synergy between software and hardware know-how and thus a clear added value for the customers.  
  EFI Realtime Engine  
The new real-time engine EFIRTE is here. With the new generation of the real-time engine for Windows, an even more stable real-time with the lowest jitter is achieved, while at the same time offering a high level of operating standard. The interface of the programming libraries has not changed.
  Real-Time under Windows 10  
Now the time has come - the X-Realtime Engine for Windows 10 is here. Sybera has carried out extensive testing on various platforms with Windows 10. The X realtime engine for Windows 10 is now released in BIOS mode. The accuracy and reliability is just as stable as on Windows 7/8 platforms.
  Device Libraries  
In addition to the well-known master libraries for EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Sercos III and Ethernet/IP, Sybera now also offers device libraries for the corresponding simulator protocols on a real-time basis. While the ProfiNET Device Library is already available, the Device Library for Ethernet/IP will be available from the beginning of September. Further device libraries for EtherCAT and Sercos III will follow and in addition be connected to X-GO Logic Control.
  PNIOVERIFY - ProfiNET Master Simulator  
The new ProfiNET Master Simulator PNIOVERIFY enables real-time control of Profinet-IO devices on a standard PC, without the need for additional controller hardware. The ProfiNET controller can be easily realized with a standard Ethernet adapter of the PC. The Master Simulator is based on the high-precision real-time extension "X-Realtime" for sending and receiving cyclic ProfiNET-IO frames.

SYBERA fully involved on SPS-Drives fair

  You could experience real-time at the SYBERA GmbH booth at PLC-Drives in Nuremberg. With the help of the game "LaserSpacer", visitors with a little skill could not only win attractive designer radio mice, but also playfully explain the EtherCAT principle. The real-time programming libraries for Windows and X-GO Logic Control - the SYBERA control solution for EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Sercos III and Ethernet/IP under Windows - also attracted great interest among trade fair visitors.  
  X-GO Flex Logic Control with Ethernet/IP  
After a long development phase, X-GO has now been extended with the Ethernet/IP protocol. Both the configuration and the operation of Ethernet/IP devices with multiple "Connections" is possible. As usual, the devices can be easily programmed with X-GO FlexCoding. The configuration and diagnostics of the Ethernet/IP devices are carried out with the supplied software EIPCONFIG. With Ethernet/IP, 4 protocols are now supported under X-GO Flex - without additional controller hardware. The new software is available for download now.
  Train and Solve - training without losing time  
Know the problem: For the much needed expertise, staff should go to training, but during this time, the project can not continue working. The solution: Train and Solve - The "Train and Solve" concept at SYBERA also enables the project to be designed and continued during the training. The participant can use their own hardware (PC, adapter, devices) in the training and implement the corresponding exercises on a project-related basis. With our expertise and many years of training experience we are able to design and implement "Train and Solve" efficiently.
  GigE Vision Realtime Library  
The new GigE Vision Realtime library from Sybera closes the control cycle. Since then, real-time communication under Windows has been geared towards a specific fieldbus system, this limitation is now lifted with the support of the GigE Vision standard for industrial image processing. With an integrated bandwidth control, the master library allows the complete control cycle "vision sensors - image processing - fieldbus actuators" in a deterministic time frame distributed over different fieldbuses. Further information can be found on the corresponding product page.