FieldboxCAM - GigE Vision Smart Camera

Smart Camera
for ProfiNET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP

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Industrial-PC with Windows IoT
GigE Vision Camera
Fieldbus Interface
Real-time Image Acquisition
Image Processing without Programming
Asynchronous Image Processing
Synchronous Image Processing (optional)
FieldboxCAM - GigE Vision Camera System
Fieldbus connection with EtherCAT, ProfiNET and EthernetIP  
Fieldbus interface for ProfiNET, EtheCAT and Ethernet/IP
  Use with Siemens TIA-Portal, Rockwell Studio 5000, Beckhoff TwinCAT, u.a. Use with TIA-Portal
Image smart processing   Image smart processing or with programming library
Image acquisition and Image processing at real-time
Image acquisition and Image processing at real-time
GenICAM configurator with diagnostics   GenICAM configuration and diagnostics
Typical Application
Testing technology
Measure technology
Vision  Application

FieldboxCAM - GigE Vision Camera System

The FieldboxCAM SmartCamera system offers a modular principle for image processing and fieldbus connection. The image is acquisitioned using the GigE Vision standard. The image processing is implemented on a PC. With the integrated smart processing module, image processing is implemented without programming. Extensive functions (center, contour, pattern match, edge, distance) are available for this purpose. In addition, the functions can be expanded with image processing libraries such as OpenCV or SIMD. The fieldbus connection can be made with ProfiNET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP. The configuration of the FieldboxCAM is created with the GenICam configurator.
FieldboxCAM - Functionality
GigE Vision is the interface standard for industrial image processing. It enables industrial cameras to be easily connected to existing network systems by using Gigabit Ethernet. The GigE Vision Standard consists of four elements: The GigE Vision Control Protocol (GVCP uses UDP) defines how a device is to be addressed and specifies data channels and mechanisms for the transmission of images and configuration data between PC and camera. The FieldboxCAM is based on the X-Realtime Engine from Sybera and thus enables deterministic bid acquisition as well as deterministic image processing. The FieldboxCAM enables the developer to perform deterministic image processing in connection with other fieldbus systems. The developer has the option of programming the cameras using simple functions and graphically designing his own vision applications.
FieldboxCAM - Technology
The FieldboxCAM meets the requirements of the GigE Vision Specification 2.0 and is designed as an open programming system. In particular, great importance was attached to the critical GVSP protocol timing from GigE. This is done through image acquisition in real time and the integrated bandwidth control. The system is based on 4 real-time tasks, for sending and receiving Ethernet frames, and functional processing for cyclic data exchange. The tasks are functionally synchronized via a STATE machine. A real-time error task detects frame errors and hardware latencies. With the help of a frame filter, the acyclic GVCP vision frames are separated in real time and transferred to a telegram stack. SYBERA uses the "Dynamic Jitter Compensation" method with active and passive feedback in the master libraries.