X-GO Flex Logic Control

Soft-PLC for Windows

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Real-Time Soft-PLC for
EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Sercos III, Ethernet/IP
Runable on PC-Hardware with standard Ethernet
(no controller hardware required)
fieldbus configurator
motion control (optional)
HMI Design (optional)
Adaptive PLC Language
SingleStep Debugging
Extentable Function Modules
Data Exchang with external Programs
Data Monitoring of In- and Output Data
Manual XGO Logic Control Soft-PLC
Master Protocol for EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Sercos III and Ethernet/IP   X-GO Flex Protocol
  X-GO Flex Panel Soft-PLC with photorealisc Desktop
Soft-PLC with data monitor   X-GO Flex Monitor
  X-GO Flex Coding Soft-PLC with PLC language
Soft-PLC with SingleStep Debugger   X-GO Flex Debug
  X-GO Flex Extend Soft-PLC with extentable function modules
Soft-PLC with data exchange with other programs   X-GO Flex Exchange
Typical Applications
Service and Diagnostics
Control Applications
Data Analysis
Meassurement Applications
Training, Schulung and Seminare
Video Coach
XGO Soft-PLC   Video: X-GO Logic Control
  Video: X-GO Soft-PLC XGO Soft-PLC Life
XGO Soft-PLC Video Installation   Video: Installation
  Video: EtherCAT Configuration EtherCAT Master Video Configuration
ProfiNET Master Video Configuration   Video: ProfiNET Configuration
  Video: Ethernet/IP Configuration Ethernet/IP Master Video Configuration
Soft-PLC for EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Sercos III and Ethernet/IP
The software X-GoFlex for Windows allows the control of fieldbus devices (EtherCAT, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and SERCOS III) under real-time condition, at standard PC components, with no additional controller hardware - while more than 70 standard Ethernet adapters are supported. As a basis, the X-Realtime Cluster Engine for Windows is used. The software X-GO Flex also enables programming of the controllinmg system with an adaptive PLC language and provides additional diagnostics services. The user can focus on investing in the logic processing of user data without having to worry about protocol-specific details. X-GO is both used, for IO devices as well as for Drive controller applications and is therefore particularly suitable for service, commissioning, diagnostics and plant controls.
X-GO FlexProtocol
Whether ProfiNET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP or SERCOS III, X-GO Flex based on the X-Realtime Engine for Windows controls the fieldbus protocols without complex programming. A multiple instantiation of X-GO Flex enables even the simultaneous operation of different protocols.
X-GO FlexPanel
The Flex Panel module allows the photorealistic design and integration of machine panel instruments and controls, like meters, switches, modules and backgrounds - without programming. You can use images and graphics of your machine instruments, overlaid by corresponding software templates and simply linked to PLC program variables. The overlay of the software templates is carried out through simple adjustment of the parameter files. Additionally new templates can be programmed and integrated with the X-GO Software Development Kit (SDK).
X-GO FlexCoding
A programming language adapting to your preference ? Write your PLC realtime code with your own syntax, with all the language elements and without crashes. A code checker checks the code and displays errors. X-GO Flex provides an editor to edit the PLC program. The PLC language provides all elements of a programming language and may be extended by own function modules.
X-GO FlexDebug
The FlexDebug allows single line execution of the PLC program. Each program line will be evaluated separately, while its result is updated inside FlexMonitor and FlexPanel. The HOLD and GO debugging mechanism allows you an unlimited control of the PLC program. In HOLD mode, you can change or display values associated to FlexPanel elements. In addition, Flex Debug allows constant repositioning of the current operation step.
X-GO FlexExtend
The X-GO Software Development Kit (SDK) allows the extension of the X-GO PLC language with new functional modules. With a simple programming interface new functional modules can be developed and used in the PLC program. For example Drive modules for complex curve control, or encoder modules may be added.
X-GO FlexExchange
The FlexExchange module allows easily connecting external applications to the X-GO PLC program. The whole logic stack is accessible via shared memory, so that PLC data can be processed directly with your C # or C + + program, via exported PLC variables and buffers.To make use of the FlexExchange Module the X-GO Software Development Kit (SDK) is required.
X-GO FlexMonitor
The Flex Monitor provides you an easy to use station control system which is particularly suitable for service applications. It allows you to display the input data, and the change of output data with different data masks. All data masks are saved within the file MASK.PAR when you exit the software with the location and name and are using the Auto Start function when you restart immediately available.